The MVNIFVST mission is to uplift the artist community by offering opportunities to showcase their talents and connect with likeminded individuals. Partnering with music venues from Toledo, OH - MVNIFVST has successfully curated over +20 events as of 2024; focusing on giving a spotlight to performers & visual artists alike. 

Creating a safe space for indie artists to feel seen, heard, and supported - MVNIFVST has played a pivotal part in Toledo's arts culture; specifically working with the hip-hop artist community to shift the stigma regarding the genre. With a diverse catalogue of events - MVNIFVST has experimented with doing fashion shows, art exhibits, multi-genre showcases, rap battles, & private events. 

Hosting annual events; MVNIFVST is always searching for talented musicians to collaborate with & build relationships with! Reach out to us for more information regarding how you can be involved!