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Give Yourself More Credit

To fully embrace the journey of where you heading, you have to first appreciate where you have been. The roots are the foundation of the fruit the tree will one-day bear. Do not neglect offering yourself the praise you deserve for demonstrating the strength & willpower of breaking down the internal barriers it takes to create external change. Give yourself more credit.

Being an independent entrepreneur & creative is a path that demands believing in yourself against all odds. Manifesting your dreams when they seem improbable or even impossible requires a great deal of self-confidence & unwillingness to compromise on that self-belief. Give yourself more credit.

Success is subjective & comparison is poison for the soul. Remember, you are living YOUR dream. In a world full of everyone's projections & creations - you have decided take a grip onto yours and bring it forth from an idea. Whatever it is that you are manifesting, started with an idea; now it is unfolding in front of you. Give yourself more credit.


~Jelani Maliik