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"I would love to offer a piece of soul to your product. I am a passionate & inspired musician; constantly working on expanding my potential. My voice can come in many forms. I am deeply immersed in Hip-Hop, I sincerely love creating boom-bap, trap, & rap music reminiscent of the history and climate of the culture. I also am keen to jazz, funk, indie, & rock sounds. I love to create a fun & melodic presence in music. I try to maintain a fluid creative outlook so that i can adapt to your product." - Knightheart

  • 30 day turnaround
  • up to 1 adjustment made
  • Booking will be confirmed when Knightheart reaches directly out to you (48 hrs)
  • If Knightheart does not feel the song matches his current energy, the money will be refunded within 7 days of purchase