Introducing the Ambassadors: ZOHAN

Introducing the Ambassadors: ZOHAN

Zohan is an aspiring musician from Willard, Ohio - who has found a profound sense of self within his exploration of art & manifestation. He has been honing his craft of writing for over 3 years, drawing strong inspiration from nature & life. One of his core goals as an artist are to; "bring to fruition relative experiences or circumstances through my music - to bring forth a sense of permanence in such a temporary world"

 How has MVNIFVST inspired you?

MVNIFVST has inspired me to believe in myself - to have a support system that reminds you what you are doing has an influence & it will manifest if you trust the process & endure the process!"- Zohan

"I feel as if MVNIFVST has already taken initiative in my life on a daily basis by opening my mind, accepting & appreciating myself more & my capabilities/potential. It has allowed a foundational impact to take course upon my own journey" - Zohan

 Zohan has recently began his journey as a Recording Artist - dropping two singles "Come So Far" & "To Gain a Guardian Angel" on all platforms. Make sure to keep a close eye on him, as he is discovering new aspects of his sound with every record!

Recently featuring on Knightheart's #FridayKnightz series - Zohan made a striking debut on "Autumn Leaves" teaming up with MVNIFVST Music Artist: Surreal Ramen. This anthem of positive energy is a strong representation of Zohan's core values as a person & musician.

 Zohan is a member of our core Ambassador team & will play a major role in future MVNIFVST events. Stay tapped into "The Purple Place" for all team updates!


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