Introducing The Ambassadors: @Fro

Introducing The Ambassadors: @Fro

Davon Jones a.k.a @fro is a dedicated Violinist & aspiring Hip-Hop artist from Toledo, Ohio. He is genuinely inspired by his craft, which he has invested over 7 years into - and his mother, who has his backbone through his journey. 



@fro is a MVNIFVST veteran; he's been around since the beginning & doesn't plan on letting off the pressure. He says: "It’s made me wanna better myself in many ways and has helped me learn that anything you think can literally become a reality."

He will be making his debut appearance on The Knightheart's #FridayKnightz series in early 2021, so make sure to keep your eye! Many great things are to come from this creative mind! 

"I want to try and effect someone in a positive kind of way if possible. It may not happen instantly, but I want to create a ripple effect of positivity."


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